Get Your Kids Ready for Life’s Financial Challenges

Posted by Karla Fuhs // March 4, 2015

Parents spend their lives making sure their children are provided for in this cold world. It amounts to a lot of insurance policies (life and health), educational accounts for college, special savings accounts and possibly real estate trusts. The sad fact of it all is that no matter what a parent does, fate may radically […]

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Beware Of Renter Pitfalls!

Posted by Karla Fuhs // December 3, 2014

Home ownership is not for everyone. There are some real conveniences to renting property, such as having somebody else be responsible for the maintenance work, snow shoveling, etc.. Renting an apartment also permits a person to live closer to the downtown area, enjoying all the excitement of urban nightlife. Renters can sometimes drop into into […]

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Add Real Value With Exterior Upgrades!

Posted by Karla Fuhs // November 17, 2014

Your living space extends out onto the lawn and some outdoor improvements can do more than just make the property look nice. Any real estate agent is going to whisper in your ear how a little exterior fine tuning will increase the price of the lot. That is supported by some serious research. Home shoppers […]

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Let’s All Get Creative And Not Overlook Realistic Options

Posted by Karla Fuhs // October 29, 2014

There is a warm, inviting breeze blowing through the real estate markets. Things are starting to get better but that does not mean the worst is over. A number of people are not able to participate in the real estate market for various reasons. The financial crisis caused many credit scores to go crashing through […]

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Make Use Of More Glass In Your Decor

Posted by Karla Fuhs // October 23, 2014

Okay, people in glass houses should not throw stones. What they should do is celebrate this amazing way to make a house look fantastic! High end contractors, Real Estate investors and home improvement professionals know that glass adds unique character to any residence. Glass can be transparent, semi-transparent, colored and can be adapted to any […]

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Watch Out For Mortgage Scams!

Posted by Karla Fuhs // October 21, 2014

The housing market is coming out of its long, dark winter. There’s a good rebound and sales are rising. Before anybody starts pouring the bubbly, there are some things to be careful about. Fraud and dirty dealings are the dark side of the real estate industry. These could flare up, and everyone needs to be […]

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Small Steps To Financial Independence

Posted by Karla Fuhs // October 15, 2014

We have all had a scare the last few years and our dreams of financial independence has seemed further out of reach. It isn’t as distant a dream as some may think. Whether it is planning to purchase a house, pay for college tuitions, or just develop a strong foundation for retirement, if you’re willing […]

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