Add Real Value With Exterior Upgrades!

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Your living space extends out onto the lawn and some outdoor improvements can do more than just make the property look nice. Any real estate agent is going to whisper in your ear how a little exterior fine tuning will increase the price of the lot. That is supported by some serious research. Home shoppers are looking for a deal that includes a good looking outdoor area. Even if you are just renting out the property, it is the fine tuning on the external space that will attract potential renters and buyers. Rather than just putting in a garden for the sake of appearances, here are some suggestions for outdoor home improvements.

Fire and Water

Fire pits help create a fantastic environment for summer nights and can make those clear autumn evenings a bit more comfortable with some extra heat. You have a good choice of fire pits that include the do-it-yourself variety, or ones you purchase from the store that look like art pieces on the back lawn.

Water features are a traditional way of adding visual value to a home. Small waterfalls enhance the scenery and the sounds offer peaceful and natural background music. Water gardens are just the thing for those who are environmentally conscious and these can be very sustainable. Swimming pools have their pluses and minuses. A pool may or may not add to the resale price of the home. Yes, they are a great leisure addition but they aren’t cheap to install and there is maintenance to be thought about. You should do some research into the demand for pools in your area before you invest the money.  An above ground pool may be a better option than the in-ground variety.

Other water options to consider are hot tubs or lap pools. These cost less than in-ground pools and have been known to increase the selling price of any property.

Accentuate the Zen

A Feng Shui consultant can offer some advice on the positioning of entrance water falls or other outside improvements. Don’t laugh this off, Asian home buyers can be respectfully sold on the idea of a house in harmony. A hectic day at the office requires some down time to unwind. An environment with a touch of spirituality can help. These consciousness zones might be a Zen garden, a Yoga space, or even a backyard chapel for meditation. Any of these can accentuate the idea of peace and contemplation that buyers or renters may find attractive (Piece of advice. If you decide to install a Zen garden that has sand or gravel covering an open space, you might be creating the biggest kitty litter box in the neighborhood).


People do enjoy sun but only in moderation. You can install some sun protection with pergolas or covered patios. Sunrooms are very nice and add living space to the house, enhancing the value. Screen rooms allow for greater use of the back yard as a place to relax. Any of these home improvements can add additional value to the price of the house when it comes time to sell it.


Some Other Possibilities

Storm shutters for properties in high wind locations are a safety feature and can produce a discount in homeowner insurance premiums. You may want to think about an outdoor kitchen, but only if winters are mild or non-existent.

Think of any outdoor improvement as a serious investment. The right ones can lure in renters or seal the deal on a sales transaction. The investment also adds to the ambiance and livability of the property. You may want to stay in the home for a few more years, waiting for the right opportunity to sell. If that is the case, adding some outdoor home improvements will go a long way to improving your quality of life. They can make your house a more enjoyable residence.


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